Amkom Design Group Inc. has raised the bar for MTBF above 15 years


The “MINI BRICK” series DBS (17.3 – 18.1 GHz & 18.1 to 18.4 GHz) DBS-Band BUCs are the next generation of the World’s Smallest feed-horn & boom-arm mountable BUCs in the industry, weighing-in only at 3.1lbs (1.4kg) and handling output power of 10-20W PSAT (min). We’ve picked the best of both worlds as we implemented the most mature, proven efficient and reliable GaAs + GaN High Power Amplifiers with internal overdrive protection. We’ve chosen an absolute and “No Corner Cutting” concept in our design. Its weatherproof and robust Hyper-Light package is constructed with the most advanced mechanical precision engineering in mind. Each unit is vigorously tested at our California facility according to our ATP (acceptance testing procedure).