Amkom Design Group Inc. has raised the bar for MTBF above 15 years

Ka-Band BUCs

Amkom’s various Frequencies 27.5 -31.0 GHz multiple band selections available. They are the next generation of the world’s most compact and efficient feed-horn & boom-arm mountable Ka-Band BUCs in the industry.
They come with the following available output powers: 20W 25W 30W and 40W .

We’ve chosen the most mature, proven efficient and reliable High Power Amplifiers with added internal overdrive and extreme thermal protection. Absolutely “No Corner Cutting” concept in our design. We’ve designed to comply and meet the current MIL-STD.

Its weatherproof and robust Hyper-Light package is constructed with the most advanced materials and mechanical precision engineering in mind, taking the MTBF to the next level of at least 15 years during normal operation. We’ve taken absolutely no compromises during each of the design stages. Each unit is vigorously tested at our California facility according to our ATP (Acceptance Testing Procedure).