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Amkom 300W AC/DC Outdoor or Indoor Rack Mountable GaN Power Supply



GaN Technology Efficient AC/DC Outdoor or Indoor Power Supply 300W or 500W with integrated M&C for Amkom BUCs. Other Various DC output options, including universal, auxiliary power and other customizations are available upon request.

Major Features

  • Super Compact, Robust & Rack Mountable
  • IP67 Compliant
  • GaN Technology
  • Built-in PFC
  • Up 92% Efficiency
  • Fanless
AC Input Voltage85 - 265 VAC, 47-63 Hz
AC Current3.3 / 1.7 A
EfficiencyUp to 92%
PFC0.95 minimum (Vin=230VAC, Io > 80%, Tc=25°C, meets EN61000-3-2)
Output Voltage24, 28, 48 VDC
Output Current11A , 6.2A @ 48VDC
Dimensions8.82” x 10.83” x 3.35” (197mm x 110mm x 56mm)
Weight13lbs (5.9kg)