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AKS12 12W Low Cost Slim Fanless Ext. FREQ 13.75-14.5 GHz



The low cost “FANLESS SLIM BRICK” Extended (13.75 - 14.5GHz) and Standard (14.0 - 14.5GHz) BUCs are above and beyond the next generation of the World’s Smallest feed-horn & boom-arm mountable BUCs in the industry, weighing only 1.1lbs and handling output power of 12W at the Ku-Band frequencies.

Major Features

  • Low Cost Solution
  • Super Low Power Consumption (50W* @12W)
  • Extreme Efficiency, Stability, Reliability and Performance
  • Hyper-Light Package, Only 1.1lbs
  • Fan-less Design (Customer cooling baseplate required)
  • Exceeds ALL IESS-308/309 Phase Noise Standards
  • 3 Year Warranty

Amkom AKS12

12W Low Cost Fanless Slim Ku-Band BUC

The low cost “SLIM FAN-LESS BRICK” series Ku-Band BUCs are the next generation of the World’s Most efficient and compact size BUCs in the industry, weighing only 1.1lbs and handling output power of up to 20W at the Ku-Band frequencies.
We’ve picked the most mature, reliable and proven to be highly efficient amplifiers with internal overdrive protection.
Each unit is vigorously tested at our California facility according to our ATP (Acceptance Testing Procedure).

Operating RF FrequencyAKSS 14.0 - 14.5 GHz; AKUS 13.75 -14.5 GHz; AKDS 13.75 -14.5 | 14.0 - 14.5 GHz
Operating IF frequency950 - 1700 | 950 - 1450 MHz
Local Oscillator12.80 | 13.05 GHz
Rated Output Power PSAT 12W 40.8 dBm
Linear Power SR @ -26dBc PLIN10W 40.0 dBm
IMD3 (two tones) 3dB Back Off-25 dBc max. 2 signal 5MHz apart at P-LINEAR
Spectral Regrowth at PLINEAR-30 dBc (2dB back-off from rated power)
Dimensions6.1” x 3.9” x 1.4” (153 x 98 x 35mm)
Weight (base unit)1.1lbs (0.5kg)