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Custom BUC, Custom Product, Custom RF Designs


Custom RF Work

We're well known in the industry with dozens of successful custom designs, where the frequency may not be exactly what's out there, the mechanics may need to be less than 13mm thin or when the efficiency is not yet found elsewhere. We are here to help and make your problems go away, by placing our minds deep into your concerns to provide a custom solution. Whether it's a few pcs or hundreds of pieces, we have the experience.

Major Features

  • Thin to the Extreme
  • Airborne Applications
  • Dual BUC capability
  • High Temperature Operation and Testing
  • Anti Vibration Operation
  • Complete BUC or SSPA Repackaging
  • Custom Software
  • Built-in Reject Filters
  • SSPA Only
  • BUC Only
  • Custom Frequencies
  • Dual Inputs and Outputs
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