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ALKU40NA 40W Ku-Band BUC Ext. FREQ 13.75-14.5 GHz AC Power



The “LIGHTWEIGHT” series Extended (13.75 - 14.5GHz), Standard (14.0 - 14.5GHz) and Dual(13.75 - 14.5GHz | 14.0 - 14.5GHz) Frequency 40W Ku-Band BUCs are the next generation of the AC Powered feed-horn & boom-arm mountable BUCs, at only at 5.5lbs (2.5kg) and working at high temp up to 70°C.

Major Features

  • Hyper-Light Package Design Only 5.5lbs (2.5kg)
  • Extreme Stability, Reliability and Performance
  • Built-in HPA Overdrive Circuit Protection
  • High Temperature Reliability- up to + 70°C
  • Built-in Anti Vibration Operation
  • Built-in Optimized Linearization
  • Built-in Ultra Receive Band Reject Filter
  • Extreme GaAs + GaN Linearity and Efficiency
  • Field Replaceable IP68 Rated Extra Long Life Fans
  • Integrated AC Power Supply

Amkom ALKU40NA

40W Ext. Ku-Band AC Power BUC

The “LIGHTWEIGHT” series Extended (13.75 – 14.5GHz) and Standard (14.0 – 14.5GHz) Ku-Band BUCs
are the next generation of the World’s Smallest feed-horn & boom-arm mountable BUCs in the
industry, weighing-in only at 5lbs (2.25kg) and handling output power of 40W (min) at the
Extended Ku-Band frequencies. We’ve picked the best of both worlds as we implemented the most mature,
proven efficient and reliable GaAs + GaN High Power Amplifiers with internal overdrive protection.
We’ve chosen an absolute and “No Corner Cutting” concept in our design. Its weatherproof
and robust Hyper-Light package is constructed with the most advanced mechanical precision
engineering in mind. We’ve taken absolutely no compromises during each of the design stages
using only the toughest aerospace grade aluminum based metal with the most efficient heat
disposal properties. Each unit is vigorously tested at our California facility according to our ATP
(acceptance testing procedure).

Operating IF frequency950 to 1700 MHz
Rated Output Power | Linear Power SR @ -26dBc40W 46.0 dBm PSAT (min) | 32W 45.0 dBm PLIN (min)
Prime Power via MS Connector + 85-260 VAC 190W PSAT & 155W @ P-LIN
Dimensions6.55” x 3.94” x 4.93” (166x100x125 mm)
Weight5.5lbs (2.5kg )